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Historic Post Offices of Randolph County Indiana

wdt_IDPost OfficeTownshipYears of OperationDescription
wdt_IDPost OfficeTownshipYears of OperationDescription
1 Brinkley Green 1881 - 1901 Brinkley post office was in Alonzo Brinkley’s store in Shedville, a small unplatted town, five miles north of Farmland.
2 Emmetsville Green 1846 - 1901
3 Fairview Green 1873 - 1901
4 Bragg Monroe 1888 - 1900 Bragg post office was reported to be 11 miles north west of Winchester. Assumed to be the Bragg parcel in Section 29 seen in 1909 Plat Book.
5 Farmland Monroe 1853 and still active
6 Parker/Morristown/Parker City Monroe Parker (1853-1985)
Parker City 1985 and still active)
Parker City was originally platted as Morristown in 1851, and the new name of Parker was given to the area when the Bellfontaine and Indiana railroad was brought to the town shortly after. The post office was named Parker in 1853 and shown in the 1865 map as being in Morristown. In 1870, a new post office was opened as Morristown post office, but there was a Morristown post office already in Shelby County, Indiana and the Morristown post office was closed, with Parker remaining as the other post office. The post office name was then changed to Parker City in 1985
7 Horn Franklin 1892-1902 Horn post office is shown in a map in Section 33
8 Ridgeville Franklin 1851 and still active
9 Sherman Franklin 1881-1895 Sherman post office was located in Sherman’s Store in New Dayton. The location is visible on the 1874 Map in Franklin Township
10 Clarke Ward 1871-1907 Clarke post office was located at the railroad at Stone Station, and is shown on the 1909 Plat Map.